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Our Story

Hi I am Mich. I am the founder of Sleep Audiobooks.

Ever since I was a kid, sleep has been elusive, with countless nights spent tossing and turning until the first light of day. This struggle continued throughout high school, college, and professional life, and while I developed some coping mechanisms along the way, it took years of trial and error to discover the techniques and strategies that truly worked for me.


While I found that ambient noises helped me sleep. It turned out philosophy audiobooks helped me even more. I could fall asleep super fast to books like A Thousand Plateaus or The Master Key System.

So I created the Sleep Audiobooks YouTube channel. I would find public domain audiobooks and edit them to be slower and more calming. Eventually the channel took off, and I hired some super talented narrators to create original content as well.

Besides audiobooks, we explored ambient sounds, designed an adult coloring book as a calming activity (an alternative to screens), and wrote a PDF guide for better sleep.

Now, we have created this collection of resources to help you find your best sleep routine and enjoy more wakeful energy during the day. Please take a look at our blog and check out our articles. I am confident you will find some nuggets of wisdom that can help you have a good night’s sleep. – Mich

Original Productions

Check out some of our exclusive & original audiobooks for bedtime!

Grimm’s Fairy Tales
Narrated by E. Campbell
Poirot Investigates
Narrated by Luke Roberts
Alice in Wonderland
Narrated by Phebe Carroll
Wizard of Oz
Narrated by Phebe Carroll
Full Length Audiobooks
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